2017 spring/summer new member contract signing instructions

New member and past returning member signing begins February 6,2017. 

General information
     The ICC will officially begin accepting applications from new members on February 6, 2017. To be fair to all new members, any applications submitted before this date will not receive any      special priority, and applicants will need to resubmit a new application.

     We recommend that prospective members visit any ICC House they are interested in. House dinners are open to prospective members. 

     House approval is needed for the following circumstances:
  •      New member will be a non-student. (Undergraduates taking 6 or less credits; Graduate students not officially active in a graduate program.)
  •      New member is interested in having a pet. Fish do not need approval.        
     The Approval form can be found on the Application Page.
New member contract signing instructions
     1. The ICC has 16 distinct houses. We recommend you narrow your choices to four or five, in case your first or second choices are not avaiable
         for immediate contract signing. The factors to consider are:
  •         Location
  •         Size
  •         Cost
  •         Themes
         All rooms are signed as singles by default during the Spring/summer term. A roommate must be listed on your contract to receive the double rate.
     2. Check the availability and future estimated charges of your preferred house selections. Some houses have longer waitlist than others. You will need to make a decision whether you              want to select a house that is waitlisted.
     3. Visit all of your selections.  All ICC house dinners are open for propsective members to visit and meet future housemates,
         but it is recommended to email the house president in advance  to arrange a tour.If you are not in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, please email the House President
         for specific house information.
     4. Complete the online application. There is no upfront cost to submit an application to the ICC. Further instructions will be sent via email.